Lifelong Learning (formally known as 名誉)

Lifelong learning is a non-profit, fee-based, program at Diablo Valley College (DVC) that provides affordable, short-term, educational classes and activities for older 成年人. We offer a variety of classes such as history, geology, writing, cooking, music and more. Classes are conveniently offered at DVC (Pleasant Hill & San Ramon 校区). We serve over 100 students in our community each year and we are growing 日常. We offer approximately 20 classes each semester. Lifelong learning is designed for older 成年人 who are lifelong learners.  Most of our classes are led by distinguished retired faculty or those who are experts in their field and have a true passion for 教学.

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Lifelong learning relies on donations and local sponsorships to keep our course fees 低.  If you would like to help support us, please make a donation to the DVC Foundation for 名誉. Donations are tax-deductible. 

Checks should be made out to: DVC Foundation with a note indicating 名誉.  Please mail checks to DVC Community Education, 321 Golf Club Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

To make your donation online, please visit the DVC Foundation donation page. Make sure you designate 名誉 as the recipient of your donation.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will al低 us to continue providing quality, affordable classes to the local community.